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January 10, 2012
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
AnTaRtIkA - gnomeshell and cinnamon theme by rvc-2011 AnTaRtIkA - gnomeshell and cinnamon theme by rvc-2011
Antartika - Gnome Shell and Cinnamon theme
Inspired by the beautiful wall paper shown in preview.

Gnome3.3.9 / Gnome 3.2 / GnomeGnome-Shell
MGSE (mint gnome shell extension for bottom panel - optional)
Cinnamon - 1.3 (for using cinnamon theme)

Extract the zip file to ~/.themes
a) for gnome-shell, choose using gnome-tweak-tool
b) for cinnamon1.1.3 desktop, you will find it listed in the overview>themes.
c) for cinnamon1.2, choose using cinnamon-settings. dont forget to read and implement the change as mentioned in the update log below (if you are using cinnamon1.1.3)

a) GTK3: Adwaita Cupertino by trastes => [link]

b) Icons: FaenzaMac by irbinix => [link]

c) Wallpaper: "antartic-iceberg-wallpapers" => [link]

Light theme, less transparent, matches the wallpaper and the gtk3 theme.

Set window buttons in gnome shell to "minimize:close" and " : maximize,minimize,close" in cinnamon.
cinnamon has an overview image in top left corner of the screen and it may be a disturbance to control maximized windows while working.
you can edit this using gconf-editor > org for both desktop and you will get the respective window button layout for the desktop environment you use.

window theme doesnt get selected in cinnamon by default (as on date) you have to manually edit it using gconf-editor>desktop>cinnamon>window and edit the window theme. restart cinnamon

Thank You for visiting this page for a preview / download. As always suggestions / comments will help me improve.


came a shade more closer for gnome3.4 compatibility. tweaked the scrollbar and trough (to look same as that in gnome3.2). will wait till gnome3.4 is released and check out if further updates are needed.

Default install for Gnome Shell is compatible with latest Gnome 3.3.90, for those who still use Gnome G.2, kindly rename the folder gnome-shell (in the Antartika folder) to Gnome-3.3 and rename gnome-shell 3.2 to gnome-shell. save and restart shell to be compatible to older version.

As of now this theme is tested on Gnome 3.3 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Beta1. Updates may be needed depending on the final release....

Added compatibility for cinnamon1.2
There are 3 folders in the zip file, one gnome-shell, 2 for cinnamon. default install will be suitable for cinnamon 1.2. for those using cinnamon 1.1.3, kindly open the theme folder in nautilus, rename folder cinnamon to cinnamon-1.2, rename cinnamon-1.1.3 to cinnamon, restart cinnamon.

cinnamon 1.2 is just released. i hope the new cinnamon with added effects (compiz like) will be enjoyed !

thank you once again for visiting this page for a preview / download.
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Very nice work !
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thank you champ....
for your compliments and support !
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Beautiful work, thanks for sharing!
rvc-2011 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the comp;liments mate... glad to note you like this !
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looks very 'cold' :P
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yes champ....
made it cold so people can chill out ! thank you for the compliments !
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much appreciated especially when compliments come from a passionate and great themer !
i should say you metro must be looking good (unfortunately my hdd is out of order and i am using a usb live till things fall in place !!!)
hats off !
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